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use USB accessories can directly digital camera pictures of import, very convenient and quick. Using SD accessories can read the card of the photos and video files; can use USB accessories external U disk, mobile hard disk ; use external USB connection after iphone will fittings within the iphone automatic import photos to ipad inside, when you use the photograph also photographed iphone will immediately receive displayed on the ipad; cable keyboard, but also can plug in can be used in any need to input place typing. if want to put U plate and memory card some documents (including documents, video and so on) to IPAD, first IPAD computer related to download software to document formats support. IPAD COMBO can solve IPAD external large current USB devices do not support problem, because IPAD COMBO is equipped with external power supply function, like APPLE original keyboard, mobile hard disk and so on (common IPAD USB fittings is not supported), IPAD COMBO can solve IPAD attached USB devices cannot use at the same time problem, this product has three peripherals USB extension mouth and multifunctional reader, reader and three mouth can also external equipment, and can be used at the same time, without switching, IPAD COMBO can solve inserted an external USB device not convenient problem, increase the extension cord, very flexible then use, need not bear the heart damage IPAD 30PIN external interface; lower. IPAD COMBO is equipped with four types card slot, basically includes on market common camera memory; This USB 2.0 High Speed Card Reader/Writer supports almost all the memory cards available in the market, including the high speed memory cards to speed up the reading rate. In addition to those commonly used memory cards, it also supports RS-MMC and MS DUO without the need of an adapter. Most of all, it supportsMicro SD card, the smallest memory card. Data can be exchanged between different slots. It is both convenient for users that have various memory cards used in digital cameras.
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